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August 21, 2013

The Local Beet

I would like to thank all who visit this site and tell everybody about another site that I blog at, The Local Beet. It is a Chicago Area site that has a lot of great info for those who live in the Chicago Region.

May 30, 2013

Early season look at the Peoria Farmers Market at the Metro Centre

Peoria,IL: Although I farm I haven’t given up my day job here in Downstate Peoria. Since I work in Peoria this gives me a chance to hit some of the farmers markets there from time to time. I had a little time at lunchtime today and checked out the oldest farmers market in Peoria, and although it is early in the season, there are a few good items to be found at the Peoria Farmers Market at the Metro Centre.


The farmers represented today at the Metro Centre had a few early season crops like radishes, green onions and lettuce.

DSCN1575                 DSCN1576

They all had potted vegetables and herbs.


I took advantage of this and bought a few herbs that we need in our herb garden.

DSCN1584 2                     DSCN1583

There were a few tomatoes grown in a hoophouse, like the ones from the Garden Spot, a farm and farmstand in Princeville, Illinois run by Jim Buckley along with his mother Lillian Jacobs. I bought one to see what the low acid tomatoes taste like.


I spoke to Ron Dieter, who has a greenhouse at his place in Brimfield, Illinois and whose wife Donna happens to help start many of the heirloom seeds that I grow. He was helping out at the Garden Spot table and he said “the market really gets going in late June and July when there is much more produce available and many more vendors.” The Peoria Farmers Market is about a block long and there is space for many vendors but there were only a few today.



Some Southern Illinois Strawberries stretching what is “local.”


According to The Peoria Farmers Market ‘s Local Harvest listing: The Peoria Farmers Market at the Metro Centre was founded in 1977 by community leader Marvin L. Goodman. It was his vision to promote healthy eating while bringing-together consumers and farmers from all over Central Illinois to a marketplace with a wide variety of fresh, locally grown produce. Thirty plus years later his vision still holds true.

I have been to this market in the past as it shares its Metro Centre location with another Peoria local food purveyor, Pottstown Meats. For dinners that she serves in her wine shop in Galesburg, my wife often needs sausages or unusual cuts of meats that you would not find in a supermarket and Pottstown has always come through. Having a meat market that has meat from local farms such as Kilgus Farms in Fairbury, IL across the parking lot from a farmers market is a convenient way to create an almost totally local meal!

Potts 1                          Potts 2

Metro Centre 4700 North University Peoria, IL 61614 Peoria Farmers Market:

Pottstown Meat and Deli:

January 30, 2012

Pasand has a Depth of Flavor

Pasand Indian Cuisine in Peoria is an inexpensive gourmet Indian restaurant who’s dishes have a depth of flavors that up ’til now, I have not found in most Central Illinois Asian or Indian restaurants. The food reflects all regions of India and as the menu says, they “also reflect the flavors and styles of India’s neighbors in Asia.” There are both vegetarian and meat dishes consisting of chicken, lamb, and seafood.
  For an appetizer, we had the samosas. These are fried potato stuffed pastries that are common street food in India. Very flavorful and good with the spicy green cilantro sauce that came with it. There was another sweet red sauce but it did not do much for this dish. For the main course we did not go into any vegetarian dishes but stuck to he chicken. The chicken ahmand had a world of flavors going on. It is a very hot dish but the spiciness does not overwhelm it’s other flavors. The chicken hyderabadi was described in the menu as having a peanut and sesame seed flavor. It was a bit less on the spicy side than the ahmand but the peanut and sesame flavors were very subtle. The thali that comes with the main course dishes (if it is ordered this way) has small plates of various vegetable and fried dishes, as well as naan,  that come in small bowls and could remind one of being almost “Indian tapas.”
  The decor in this restaurant leaves something to be desired but the quality of the food more than makes up for it. Overall the service was good but not outstanding and the price was relatively modest. Most appetizers run between $5 to $10 and the main courses between $15 to $20. The meal is complete with an Indian beer of which there were several on the menu.
                         Pasand Indian Cuisine
                         1209 West Main Street
                         Peoria, IL 61606
                         (309) 671-9315