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August 20, 2014

Illinois Stewardship Alliance is celebrating its Annual Harvest Celebration!


The Illinois Stewardship Alliance will be celebrating its Annual Harvest Celebration on Sunday, September 14th in Springfield. Six Central Illinois chefs will be preparing small plates featuring fresh, seasonal, local food. Each of the chefs represent restaurants that feature locally sourced products. Included in the lineup are:

  • Dustin Allen, Edge by Dustin Allen, Peoria
  • Aurora and Jordan Coffey, American Harvest Eatery, Springfield
  • Alisa DeMarco, Prairie Fruits Farm, Urbana
  • Michael Higgins, Maldaner’s Restaurant, Springfield
  • Ryan Lewis, Driftwood Cocktails and Eatery, Springfield
  • Josh Lanning, Harvest Cafe, Delavan

In addition to the food, there will be live music and a silent auction. Obed and Isaac’s Microbrewery, Rolling Meadows Brewery, and several Illinois wineries will provide beer and wine for the event.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance is also looking for sponsors. Companies or organizations that do sponsor the Harvest Celebration will have their logo featured prominently in all event signage and in the program for the evening. Sponsorship opportunities are available at varying prices.

All proceeds raised from the Annual Harvest Celebration will go to Illinois Stewardship Alliance to help them continue their work promoting and increasing access to fresh, local food; providing education on conservation practices; and advocating for policies that aid small, family farmers.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance Annual Harvest Celebration will be held Sunday, September 14th at 5:00 p.m. at the Inn at 835, located at 835 S. Second St. in Springfield.

Purchase tickets by September 9th. Prices are as follows:

$75 for members

$85 for non-members

To learn more click here.


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August 21, 2013

The Local Beet

I would like to thank all who visit this site and tell everybody about another site that I blog at, The Local Beet. It is a Chicago Area site that has a lot of great info for those who live in the Chicago Region.

January 30, 2012

Pasand has a Depth of Flavor

Pasand Indian Cuisine in Peoria is an inexpensive gourmet Indian restaurant who’s dishes have a depth of flavors that up ’til now, I have not found in most Central Illinois Asian or Indian restaurants. The food reflects all regions of India and as the menu says, they “also reflect the flavors and styles of India’s neighbors in Asia.” There are both vegetarian and meat dishes consisting of chicken, lamb, and seafood.
  For an appetizer, we had the samosas. These are fried potato stuffed pastries that are common street food in India. Very flavorful and good with the spicy green cilantro sauce that came with it. There was another sweet red sauce but it did not do much for this dish. For the main course we did not go into any vegetarian dishes but stuck to he chicken. The chicken ahmand had a world of flavors going on. It is a very hot dish but the spiciness does not overwhelm it’s other flavors. The chicken hyderabadi was described in the menu as having a peanut and sesame seed flavor. It was a bit less on the spicy side than the ahmand but the peanut and sesame flavors were very subtle. The thali that comes with the main course dishes (if it is ordered this way) has small plates of various vegetable and fried dishes, as well as naan,  that come in small bowls and could remind one of being almost “Indian tapas.”
  The decor in this restaurant leaves something to be desired but the quality of the food more than makes up for it. Overall the service was good but not outstanding and the price was relatively modest. Most appetizers run between $5 to $10 and the main courses between $15 to $20. The meal is complete with an Indian beer of which there were several on the menu.
                         Pasand Indian Cuisine
                         1209 West Main Street
                         Peoria, IL 61606
                         (309) 671-9315