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May 2, 2013

Sponsor the Knox County Fair Produce Building!

Knoxville, IL: The Knox County Fair is held in August of each year in Knoxville, Illinois. Growers from Knox, and surrounding counties, display home grown produce and potted plants in our Produce Building during the fair. For the 2013 fair, we are selling sponsorships for the Produce Building.
The Produce Building at the Knox County Fair is where all of the entries in the Agricultural Products and the Junior Gardeners departments are displayed. By sponsoring the Produce Building, you will help defray the costs of holding the fair as well as the costs of the premiums offered to the exhibitors.

The sponsorships for the Produce Building are just $25. For sponsoring the Knox County Fair Produce Building, you will have an 11×17 inch sign placed above the tables that the produce is displayed. All of the people who come through the Produce Building during the fair will see your sign. The content of the advertisement on the sign that will be displayed is up to you. There may be other opportunities for sponsorship as well. Please feel free to discuss any ideas you may have! If you are interested please contact me at (309) 351-5159 or
So, if you have a business, large or small, that you want to promote, please consider sopnsoring the Produce Building during the 2013 Fair!

August 3, 2012

Agricultural Products Building at the Knox County Fair 2012

Knoxville, IL: I have been busy this week with my duties as one of the superintendents of the Produce Building at the 2012 Knox County Fair. This year’s fair saw many more produce entries than in the previous two, surprising since we have been in the middle of the worst drought in nearly 60 years! On top of the numbers of entries, there is also an abundance of varieties. Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash and varieties of other vegetables that are displayed by the entrants, along with comments by the entrants and fair visitors, show that there is an increasing interest expanding the varieties grown in American gardens.

The number of entrants exhibiting at the fair has increased and I feel that it shows that people are starting to get back to growing more of their own food, even if it is at a small scale. This goes along with the increasing interest in food in general. If you think about all of the possible things that have gotten better in the United States over the past 40 or so years, you may not come up with many items but food is one thing that really stands out as having gotten better. Hopefully the interest in gardening and food will continue to grow and maybe we will see many more years of great produce on display at the fair!