Lenny the Llama ?-2013

It has been a tough week on the farm. We lost the patriarch of our farm, Lenny the Llama. Lenny came to us 5 years ago from a woman who rescued him. The previous owner had bought him at a sale barn and had let him roam free in the woods behind his house. That was until he figured out that Lenny was chasing the deer away and planned on shooting him! The woman, who lives in Princeville, IL, took Lenny off his hands for $100 but could not keep him. She place an ad to sell him in the local paper and Julie and I answered it. She said that her family almost called Lenny “Obama the Llama.” This was right after Obama first announced that he was running for President.

Lenny had, over the years, protected our goats and later, the other llamas that we got. He also assisted in the birth of one of the llamas! We have no idea how old he was or what he died from. He was ill over the winter but seemed to be coming out of it. The vet did not know what she could do for him and thought that he was getting better. He was eating and did seem, in his last few days, to be better. He had a heat stroke a few years ago that weakened him but for some reason, also made him less timid toward people. Possibly in this contributed to his passing, I don’t know. He was a stoic and gentle creature that will be missed!

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