A farmer’s perspective 07/23/2012

Dahinda, IL: I have had to put planting of fall crops on hold since the 100 + degree temperatures continue. Seeds will not sprout in that high of a temperature. Later this week it is supposed to cool down and maybe I will be able to get something in at that time. Tomatoes, for some reason, are not ripening for me or for many others here in Western Illinois. Peppers are doing fine but I am sure that the yield would hve been higher if there was more rain. The National Weather Service has said that this weather pattern is supposed to hold on until the end of October! I am laying in a supply of hay early this year. One reason is the fact that no rain means no grass for our livestock to eat. Another reason, of course, is that there may be no hay for the rest of thei year! Better to get it now than find out that there is no hay later down the road!

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