The French Chef’s First Broadcast


   Julia Child

 I watched the first ever broadcast of the French Chef the other day on You Tube. It was 1963 and Julia Child was cooking her boeuf bourguignon, made famous by the movie Julia and Julia. I have an observation that I would like to make. That is that I learned more about cooking from this one episode of The French Chef, than I have in a year’s worth of the Food Channel!

Julia Child explained, in a way any novice could understand, the proper knife to use to cut meat, how to sharpen and maintain those knives, why beef should be dry before you brown it, why chuck is a good cut to use for stew, where on the animal the different parts of a chuck roast are located, and many other basic things that are important to anybody who wants to learn to cook.

It seems to me that today’s cooking shows, in general, have forgotten that the show is supposed to be about teaching the viewer about food and cooking. The how and why something happens when you cook, the history of the food, and general kitchen advice all seem to get muddled in most current cooking shows. Many of them, to me, seem to be more about the cook than the food. I’m just saying…

Photo: WGBH

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