Come do wine tasting in Galesburg, Illinois!

What was one a Kinney Shoe store is now a retail wine shop. Gone is any trace of shoe sales as the shelves, built for stacking shoe boxes, now hold wines from around the world. Illinois wineries are well represented here as are wines not found in other area stores. You can sample wines as you can in a winery and you can buy a glass or bottle to enjoy right there. Cheese plates offered pair well with the wines.
Vintages has special events such as “Sips and Nibbles,.” usually on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month. “Sips and Nibbles” is an event planned around a theme, it could be a region known for wines such as Italy or Germany, a holiday, or any other theme where wine could be involved. Food plates are sampled and paired with wines appropriate for the food. One example is “”Sips and Nibbles Italy.” Italian food selections are paired with Italian wines in the same order one would dine  aintipasto, main courses, and dessert. The wines are selected to go well with each course. Other special events have included Girlfirends Night, local band performances, and the Rootabaga Poetry Slam.
Vintages Tasting Room in Galesburg has been around for almost 5 years and it is worth a special visit to Galesburg. A good time would be to take in the historic sites Galesburg has to offer and then before dinner, make a trip to Vintages Tasting Room.

Vintages Tasting Room is at 215 E. Main St. Galesburg, IL 61401.

Phone: (309) 335-2744.

Photo courtesy of Vintages.

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